3 Top Entities that Need a Sports Field

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April 4, 2018 Martin Halo

From public parks to local colleges, there are some entities that simply need an athletic field of some sort in order to feel complete. Sports field construction is a big project, but one that is well worth it and stress-free when you hire the right athletic field construction company. At Sports Turf One, we have built epic fields for Division I college teams like the Miami Hurricanes and we have built fields like the one in the backyard of a young Wishmakers home. In our option, there are certain entities that must have a sports field constructed on site.

Colleges and Universities

Every major university offers a variety of sports for their students to play in and watch. However, not every college has an athletic field on their campus. Designing and constructing a sports field on campus is one of the most effective ways to get students involved and build school spirit. When college sports teams have to play so-called “home games” at a neighboring team’s field or a public park field, it doesn’t really feel like they are playing on their own turf. It is also sometimes difficult for students to make it to off-campus games due to the extra travel time or lack of transportation. Building a football field, baseball field, soccer field, or all three on your college campus increases the attendance at games, builds school spirit, and makes your athletes happy. Whether you are a Division I or Division III program, every athlete deserves a field that they can honestly call home.

High Schools

The making of great athletes does not just happen in college. Some of today’s top athletes such as Lebron James and Josh Beckett were drafted into professional athletic leagues straight out of high school. Imagine if these legends did not have a field or court to play on when they were in high school. Even the athletes that become stars out of college or down the road, all played their sport in high school. Every student deserves the opportunity to become great at what they are passionate about. Give the athletes at your high school a field to play on and place where the rest of the school can come together and cheer on them on. So save the budget and square footage, we can design a field that doubles as a football field, soccer field, and more!

Community Parks

Swings and wooden benches are nice for a relaxing day at the park, but a multi-use sports field is really what a lot of kids desire. Parks that have a place where a little boy can kick his first soccer goal or throw his first touchdown sparks an interest that grows into a passion. Bringing your child to experience their first swing is nice, but watching them kick a winning goal is magical. The athletic fields in community parks are one of the places where families build memories to last a lifetime and young athletes escape their troubles to practice something they love.

At Sports Turf One, our years of experience has made us the pros at designing and constructing sports fields for any space, budget, or use. If it were up to us, every school and park across the United States would have athletics fields constructed on their property because team sports build character, self-confidence, and strength. Contact us to help develop a plan for a sports field construction project on a high school, university, or park that desperately needs one. You never know, your new field may be where the next Peyton Manning learns to throw a perfect spiral.