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Renovation & Maintenance

Synthetic Turf Maintenance

LandTek has the experience to bring your Sports Complex Project from concept to completion.

Assuring your field is properly maintained is an essential aspect of ownership. LTG Sports Turf One has developed a comprehensive synthetic turf maintenance program, designed to improve turf performance and playability throughout the lifetime of the field. This program provides fields with rejuvenating measures that help improve the longevity and overall quality of the field after your sports turf installation.

Turf Repair


Warranty Repair

Infill Refill

Field Evaluation & Inspection

GMAX Testing

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Our experience and exceptional background allows us to deliver the best level of skill and competency to all sports parks and athletic field construction projects.

Whether your project requires one-of-a-kind implementations, trenchers, excavators or more, our fleet of trucks and top-of-the-line equipment permit our trained technicians and superintendents to complete your project, hassle free.

We offer a well-rounded suite of sports field construction services:

  • Turf Construction and Project Management
  • Field Construction & Renovations
  • Laser Grading
  • Clay Work
  • Sod Removal and Installation
  • Drainage
  • Athletic Field Design & Installation
  • Irrigation
  • Field Equipment
  • Architectural pavement and hardscaping
  • Stadium Seating, Lighting, Parking, Track & Field
  • And more

Field Evaluation and Inspection

We have established the industry standard in synthetic turf maintenance. Every detail of your field is examined by our professional technicians. All sewed and glued seams, perimeter attachments, and sport-specific high-wear locations are evaluated and documented in a detailed field report. Any issues or flaws are brought to your attention and corrected to ensure the safety of your field users and that the turf system is working as intended. Digital photographs are used to document all repairs and defects.


With so much emphasis on concussions and catastrophic lower-body injuries these days, it’s critical to make sure your field is in tip-top shape and safe. GMax testing adheres to ASTM guidelines. The test measures your field’s shock absorption qualities in relation to player impact. The field becomes more difficult as the GMax increases. The fact that the field owner keeps a yearly record of GMax data demonstrates that he or she is proactive and devoted to field safety.

Synthetic Turf Field Repairs

All big and minor repairs to your turf field can be handled by our team of experts. All warranty and non-warranty work is included. Over time, high-traffic sections on your synthetic field may exhibit signs of wear and strain. If there isn’t enough filler in certain regions, the repetitive activity might cause early damage to the turf fiber. Our synthetic grass maintenance crew can come out to your field and inspect it, as well as show you how to properly maintain these areas. Regular upkeep ensures that your field is both playable and safe.


Goal Lines
Kick X’s
Corner Kick
Goal Creases
Batter’s Box
Home Plate
Pitcher’s Mound
On-Deck Circles

Deep Grooming

Keeping your synthetic turf field in good shape is an important part of field ownership. The LandTek Group has created a complete synthetic turf grooming program that is intended to increase turf performance and playability over the course of the field’s lifespan. After your synthetic turf field construction, this program provides rejuvenating steps to help improve the field’s longevity and general quality.

Synthetic Turf Disinfecting

The LandTek Group can contribute to your peace of mind by ensuring that your field is as clean as possible. We have a program in place to improve the cleanliness of your field and address the health issues we confront in these unpredictable times. The LandTek Group may apply an EPA-registered antimicrobial disinfectant to the entire field surface in a professional manner. Give your players, coaches, parents, and community the assurance that when they go onto your field, you’ve taken all reasonable precautions to ensure their safety.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance Services

  • Magnet Sweep

  • Turf Field Warranty Repairs

  • Emergency Repairs

  • Facility Staff Training

  • Deep Grooming

  • Infill Replenishment

  • Field Rejuvenation

  • GMAX Testing

  • Field Disinfecting