5 Elements To Constructing The Perfect Baseball Field

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June 13, 2018 Martin Halo

Baseball is known as America’s pastime and it is one of the most popular sports. From the professional teams to the minors, there is nothing like watching a live baseball game. One of the cool features of a baseball game is the field. Having a well-manicured field promotes a positive appearance of the stadium. A groomed and maintained field is also beneficial for the athletes playing on the grass. These are the 5 elements that go into baseball field construction.

Location, Location, Location

Finding the right location needs to happen before the shovel hits the ground. Typically a baseball field should be 400 feet by 400 feet, approximately three acres. This allows space for dugouts, bleachers, and walkways. Another consideration is space for parking and access to local roads or highways. The orientation of the field is important for the players and it’s recommended that home plate through the pitchers’ mound face East-Northeast. Positioning the field in this orientation helps players see the ball if playing in the afternoon, or during twilight hours.

Athletic Field Soil

Whether a baseball field is being newly constructed or an athletic field is being renovated, the soil is one of the most important elements. The reason that soil is important is that its what the athlete’s play on and where the grass grows. When a baseball field has malnourished soil it affects the grass, making for a difficult field to play on. This not only affects how the grass grows, but it affects player safety. Players can become injured if the soil isn’t treated properly as they can step into cracks or holes. A healthy field promotes safety and provides a nice looking field.

Baseball Field Drainage

Surface drainage is another critical element of an athletic field renovation or construction. Baseball is typically played outdoors and without a roof. This means that the field is exposed to elements like rain. Puddles of water or flooding can damage the soil and the grass that grows on it. The two types of field draining are “turtleback” and “sheet flow”. Turtleback is the most popular method where the base of the pitcher’s mound is the highest point on the field. A slight slope is constructed so the water veers to the sides of the field. Sheet flow involves some of the principles of turtle back with the exception that the water takes longer to drain. This is a less used method for baseball field construction.

Elements of The Game

What makes a baseball field different than other sports is the diamond, infield, and outfield. Setting all of the positions of a baseball field is a key element of the game as all the bases, pitcher’s mound, and infield need to be the proper distance. The dimensions of a baseball diamond have been nearly the same since its beginning which makes field construction easy to follow. Here are some of the key dimensions of a baseball field

  • The pitching rubber to home plate is 60 feet, 6 inches
  • From base to base is 90 feet
  • First to Third is 127 feet and 3 ⅜ inches
  • The minimum from home to the outfield is 320 feet

Fan Amenities

These are just some of the details needed for the construction of a baseball field. Other elements include the construction of the dugouts, bleachers, and a concourse. Fans come to the game and need a place to sit to cheer for their favorite player and team. Constructing bleachers is necessary for fans, as well as, fences and safety nets. Foul balls can injury fans that are watching the game and the placement of nets near home plate and foul lines help protect them. Food is synonymous with baseball, concession stands provide the traditional foods while generating revenue for the organization. There is nothing like watching a game with a hot dog, peanuts, and Cracker Jack.

Baseball Field Construction

To construct a baseball field, its recommended to hire a company that specifically constructs athletic fields. For perfect baseball field construction, contact the athletic field specialists at Sports Turf One. The experts at Sports Turf one have years of experience constructing athletic fields of all types. They have built baseball fields for major league clubs and for local parks in South Florida. Contact Sports Turf one at 561-225-1113 for a baseball field construction quote today!