5 Elements to Create a Superior Football Field

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May 10, 2018 Martin Halo

Football is one of the most grueling and hard-hitting sports an athlete can play. They leave it all on the field, taking impacts on every down. With the thrills that football can provide it’s important to construct and design a new football field that instills excitement and comfortability. Whether you are renovating a current football field or constructing a new field, it’s important to think everything that will be involved.

Football Field Planning

When renovating or constructing a football field, planning is the first and arguably the most important step. There are many factors to consider when planning the construction of a football field. Depending on the purpose, the build may require bench seating for guests cheering on their team. Also, athletic facilities have to take into account that football players need locker rooms to change into their pads and equipment. Whether you are looking to construct a football field for a professional team, college athletic program, high school, or neighborhood park creating a new field involves more than just the turf.


Going to a football game with friends and family is a fun time. Cheering on your favorite player is one of the exciting things to do at a football game. When planning a football field design, having a place where your guests can sit is important. If you are renovating a football field, you may want to upgrade older seat styles as they are narrow and uncomfortable. A new football field design may feature sections with larger cushioned seats for die-hard season ticket holders.


Football games typically last about 3-4 hours and during that time your guests will become hungry or thirsty. Incorporating food and beverage stands in your football stadium will create a better environment for guests as they won’t go hungry during the game. For conditions like a hot and sunny day, drink stands are important so your guests won’t be dehydrated.

Climate Control

Depending on the type of football field you are looking to build, climate control is an important aspect of your guest’s comfortability. A football field without a roof should require fans and mist sprays throughout the concourse. Also, in the event of lighting and inclement weather, it’s important to have an area where the guests can go to get out of the rain/snow. Indoor fields should have the A/C working and set to the right temperature to accompany all of the guests.

Luxury Suites

For football fields that are planning to feature luxury areas for season ticket holders, a luxury suite is the best way to go. Not only will your guests have a great view of the game, but they will have the most comfortable experience. A luxury suite is climate controlled and typically has a server ready to take food and beverage orders. Luxury suites are also great for hosting parties for multiple guests or hosting a corporate event.  

These 5 elements will help not only create a superior football field, but it will help keep the field looking pristine and safe for the athletes playing on them. If you are renovating a football field or looking to design a new one, then have the professionals at Sports Turf One create the best field for you. We not only specialize in creating and designing football fields, but we also construct fields for multiple sports such as baseball, soccer, track and field, and more. Also, we have constructed fields for colleges and professional sports teams. Take a look at our completed work and contact us for a quote on your next sports field construction project at (561) 225-1113.