An Athletic Field Wish Come True

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June 11, 2018 Martin Halo

Athletic field construction in Florida is more than just a job for Sports Turf One. Our leadership is passionate about both sports and giving back to the local community. Azriel Wasser is a brave young Palm Beach local who spent the majority of his childhood fighting brain cancer. Sports Turf One was honored to collaborate with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to construct Azriel his very own field.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish is a non-profit organization that makes wishes come true for children facing potentially fatal illnesses. These wishes range from Disney cruises to meeting their celebrity heroes. Azriel’s wish was to have his very own football field. Make-A-Wish chapters across the country work to raise funds and create partnerships to make these wishes come true. Hundreds of thousands of wishes have been granted to children over the years.

Azriel Wasser: An Inspiration

By the age of 15, Azriel has been through more than many of us could imagine enduring our entire life. Symptoms that started at the age of 6 lead to a brain cancer diagnosis. The multiple treatments and operations were dangerous and it was not always clear whether or not he would survive. Azriel was finally declared cancer-free just over 2 years ago. It is clear to our team that this young man is a fighter and an inspiration. For these reasons, we are proud to have worked with Make-A-Wish to make this survivor’s dream come true.

Azriel’ Personal Football Field Construction

To make Azriel’s wish come true, Sports Turf one took over the backyard of his family’s home and built a small practice field. The field is covered with synthetic turf and decorated with the colors of his favorite professional football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The red and white colors match the fiery ambition of this young athlete. The field is complete with an end zone and goal post. This field is perfect to practice drills and field goal kicks.

The field is smaller than a traditional sized football field, but the construction project did not come without its challenges. The biggest challenges were probably keeping the 3-week long project a secret from Azriel. With a little creative thinking and strategy, the field came together perfectly without giving away the secret prematurely.

The owners at Sports Turf One knew that we were the perfect team for the job because we are one of the leading athletic field construction companies in Florida. It was easy to say yes when asked to help with this wish project. Sports Turf One can construct an athletic field of any size for a variety of sports. Contact us at (561)225-1113 for any athletic field construction needs!