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Florida – Southeast

Renovation & Maintenance

Athletic Field Maintenance

LandTek has the experience to bring your Sports Complex Project from concept to completion.

Athletic fields require regular maintenance in order to maintain playability. With over two decades dedicated to providing customers with top-of-the-line athletic fields, LTG Sports Turf One is the premier maintainer of natural grass and synthetic turf fields in the state of Florida.

Natural Grass Maintenance

Sports fields are high-use, high-performance areas that require regular maintenance to keep performance at the highest level and all players safe and happy. The dedicated natural grass field maintenance teams of LTG Sports Turf One have decades of experience and undergo extensive training in order to acquire the required knowledge of all aspects of maintaining a natural grass field. Natural grass maintenance services include:

Soil Testing





LTG Sports Turf One is dedicated to constructing and maintaining fields that facilitate peak team performance through our commitment to lasting durability, high-quality products and precision.

Our experience and exceptional background allows us to deliver the best level of skill and competency to all sports parks and athletic field construction projects.

Whether your project requires one-of-a-kind implementations, trenchers, excavators or more, our fleet of trucks and top-of-the-line equipment permit our trained technicians and superintendents to complete your project, hassle free.

Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Assuring your field is properly maintained is an essential aspect of field ownership. LTG Sports Turf One has developed a comprehensive synthetic turf maintenance program which is designed to improve turf performance and playability through the lifetime of the field. Synthetic turf maintenance services include:

Synthetic Turf Field Grooming

Synthetic Turf Field Repairs

Warranty Repair

G-Max Testing

Infill Replenishment

Keeping Your Field In Playing Condition

Our athletic field maintenance experts will work diligently to create a tailored plan that will keep material costs down and save you labor while maintaining a top-tier facility. We appreciate that field speed, ball roll and safety are all very much related to turf condition which is why we pride ourselves in keeping the fields we maintain win-ready!

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