Explore the New Fields at Palm Beach Atlantic University

February 23, 2018
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February 23, 2018 Martin Halo

Sports Turf One is proud to announce that we recently completed construction on a series of baseball and softball fields for Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBAU), located in the Rinker Athletic Campus. With new turf, netting, and more, the SailFish are ready to own their division for years to come.

PBAU is now home to one of the top Division II softball fields in America. Their softball team and students are proud to call Simpson Field home. Measuring 200ft lines to the right and left corner fields, and 220ft to straightaway center field, the Lady SailFish are sure to win lots of games on this field! The field also offers a 10-inning LED scoreboard, stands to seat 300 fans, and a world-class playing surface.

A new baseball field was also a part of this college experience-altering construction. That’s right, both the men and the women got new fields at PBAU. Named the J.M. “Jake” Rubin Park, this field has 330ft left and right lines to the corner fields and 400ft to straightaway center field. This gorgeous monster is a showpiece for PBAU students, fans and athletes that will host hundreds of teams in the years to come. Like Simpson field, Rubin park also has a 10-inning LED scoreboard. However, it also has a unique widescreen to showcase the PBAU SailFish logo big and proud, and stands to sit 500 fans!

Mirroring Simpson Field is a practice field used by both the baseball and softball teams, as well as for tournaments. Together, these 3 fields make a complex that will help these college athletes grow into the professions they strive to be.

In the center of the 3 fields, there is a brand new concession stand where fans, students and parents alike, can purchase food and drinks as they desire.

After years of traveling to shared stadiums across Palm Beach County, the students who have worked so hard to get to where they are, will now truly be playing their games at “home”. Additionally, with all of the new state-of-the-art features, this new baseball and softball complex is sure to be a top candidate in hosting countless tournaments.

If you are as excited about seeing these new fields as we are, we highly recommend you attend one of their home games. Here is their upcoming schedule: http://pbasailfish.com/

Whether you are a student, proud parent, alumni, or just a local sports buff that loves supporting your community’s athletes, it’s time to take yourself out to the ball game and buy yourself some peanuts and cracker jacks. Oh, and trust us, you will want to come back!

Tickets can be purchased at the games and prices are as followed:

Adults- $5
Students (Non-PBA)- $3
Seniors (65+)- $3
Students (18 and under)- FREE
Students, Faculty and Staff with PBA ID- FREE

Working with a local university has been a pleasure for Sports Turf One. Our company prides itself on being a leader in athletic field design and construction. We are confident that this new athletic complex at Palm Beach Atlantic University is everything the university needed to increase school spirit and win countless games!