Sports Turf Maintenance

September 8, 2016
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September 8, 2016 Martin Halo

Keeping Synthetic Sports Fields in Optimum Playing Condition

Synthetic sports fields look great for a long time but must be maintained in order to stay that way.  Here are a few tips to keeping your synthetic sports field green, vibrant, and in optimum playing condition.


When it comes to sports turf maintenance, wear and tear on any sports field is inevitable.  Specific “high-traffic” areas will appear worn out faster than other areas.  Drains clog, seams come loose and extra infill may need to be added in some areas.  Check for damage and water as often as needed depending on your fields usage. When or if repairs are needed, contact the professionals at Sports Turf One to assure your field is at its safest playing condition.


Preventative maintenance and regular cleaning will keep your synthetic sports field looking great.  Prohibit people from bringing gum, food, beverages (except water), or chewing tobacco onto the field.  You should be able to clean stains with a mild soap solution.  Remove light debris with a leaf blower.  However, be careful not to hold the blower’s nozzle too close to the surface of your turf as this could cause damage to the turf itself.  Should any substance stain your field, contact Sports Turf One for guidance.

Fiber Maintenance

Making sure your fibers remain upright will help prolong the life of your synthetic sports field.  Regular grooming will keep your fibers from embedding below the infill, and will help prevent the accumulation of debris as well.  Consult with Sports Turf One about how often your field should be groomed.

There are several reasons for grooming your field:

  • Redistribute and re-level infill
  • Bringing fibers upright again
  • Prevent and remedy compaction of the surface

Have your field inspected and tested at least once a year to make sure its playing qualities remain stable.

Synthetic turf fields cannot repair themselves like natural grass fields can.  Damage may worsen the longer the damage is left unattended and will cost you more money.  Therefore, it is imperative to fix any damage to a synthetic field as soon as possible.   Make a walk-thru of your field on a regular basis even if you keep a maintenance checklist.  Also, make sure you take a camera and notebook with you when inspecting your field to document any issues – this will make it easier for you when you contact Sports Turf One to send them information.

Make sure you clean up and thoroughly disinfect contaminants such as vomit, blood, sweat, and urine.  Synthetic material does not break down these contaminants and could be the cause of transmission of infections that enter the body through a break in the skin.

Be careful with machinery around your synthetic sports field as they could leak oil or other fluids onto your field’s surface.  Make sure any vehicle driven onto your field has “turf tires” and is driven slowly with wide turns – this will alleviate a lot of problems.  Never allow anyone to park or stand a vehicle or any heavy equipment on the field’s surface for an extended amount of time.

Avoid using or allowing your field to be used for events where there will be fireworks or a grill of any type.  If your synthetic field is to be used to host graduation ceremonies or other events where chairs, tables, portable stages, or portable bleachers may be placed on the field, make sure these are set on plywood, mats or plastic tiles to distribute the weight and prevent divots.

One of the best ways to detect damage or issues with your synthetic sports field is to listen to the players who use the field.  If they repeatedly complain about specific areas of the field, you should inspect those areas right away.  This will help you prevent accidents and rectify issues before they become serious or irreparable.

In most cases of damage, it’s always best to contact an experienced sports field maintenance specialist.  The professionals at Sports Turf One will help keep your playing field in optimum condition.