Key Parts of Football Field Construction

August 12, 2018
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August 12, 2018 Martin Halo

Sports field construction in Florida can be a very overwhelming project to undertake. There’s seldom any space in the more populated areas, and wherever there is space is typically unstable ground such as the swamps and Everglades that run throughout the state. Football fields and the surrounding stadium are extremely large and require a massive amount of time to be completed. Florida still continues to build full football fields and stadiums due to their sheer beauty. There are plenty of vital elements that make for the perfect stadium. The most important parts of a full football field buildout include:

  • Exterior
  • Stands
  • Amenities
  • Field


The exterior is the first thing a football fan sees when they arrive to watch their favorite team play. Some fields may elect to have a small chain link, while others have chosen to turn the stadium into these massive coliseums that are a testament to the ones that have come before. Some are made of cherry red brick, while others may elect to utilize a yellow sandstone. Building the exterior is one of the most important parts of Florida sports field construction because it’s the first statement the rival team and fans receive when they arrive.


When constructing a sports field in Florida, it’s important to keep the stadium seating in mind. Some stadiums will use actual chairs for their stands that include cushions, cupholders, and other things to help their fans while they’re there. Another option for football field construction projects is to use metal benches. This is to encourage the fans to stand up the entire time and be constantly invested in the game rather than being comfortable. It’s also the most cost-effective option when making a decision. Stands can also be equipped with overhead shade to protect the fans from the brutal heat as well as pouring rain.


It’s important that ever stadium that is going through the process of football field construction in Florida to make sure to include amenities for both the teams and the fans. Every stadium needs a huge parking lot to support the number of people coming to the stadium at any given time. The actual players need to have locker rooms that are fully equipped and capable of supporting 20-40 men. There also has to be enough bathrooms depending on the size of the stadium. Fans also like to buy drinks and snacks, so small kiosks and vendors are extremely important. These also tend to create additional revenue for the stadium. There’s plenty of additional amenities that will greatly benefit the overall experience of visiting the football stadium.

The Field

The most important part of any football field construction project in Florida is the actual field itself. The field will see an immense amount of wear and tear throughout its lifetime, so it’s important that the right type of field material. Some may elect to use real grass as it produces a more natural field when running around on it. Cleats are able to dig in and provide added support to the players. A downside to real grass is how easily it’s torn apart due to either weather conditions or the players. A football field can be constructed with artificial turf as a cost-effective option that won’t break down as easily.

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