Miami, Florida

Athletic Field Construction

Inter Miami

Sports Field Construction
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Project Overview

Sports Field Construction

This project was a fast-paced design build professional soccer training facility for the new MLS expansion team Inter Miami CF. We were asked to be part of the project team to assist in the monumental task of building a high-end training facility over a 60-acre complex in 1½ years. The project was successfully completed and has been in use since March of 2020. This project started with our involvement in the design of the fields which included elevational constraints, specialized drainage, underground infrastructure requirements, work around multiple contractors and the ability to phase aspects of each task. The design included 4 natural grass pitches for academy teams, 2 professional pitches, a synthetic pitch and a stadium pitch.

After our design was incorporated into the project drawings, we began to coordinate our activities with team ownership and the CM/GC (Moss) they hired to oversee the project. The pitches were surrounded by concrete walkways, landscaping, and site infrastructure. We were also responsible for coordinating all activities that interfaced with the fields. The installation of specialized underdrain systems, growing media, irrigation systems and laser grading commenced. Each task was planned to sequence with the surrounding work which made the logistical challenges very important. The natural grass pitches needed to be constructed while the project was erected around them. This was required because the grass needs the ability to develop a root structure for performance and safety. The installation of these fields is typically on the backend of a project of this scale but due to the timeline this work needed to run consecutively. During the process we were tasked with the installation of customized netting systems and sports lighting. We completed the installation of the pitches, the synthetic turf field and surrounding sports related infrastructure. We were also responsible for the development and maintenance of the natural grass fields which required the utilization of temporary systems until the complex was finalized. Our ability to import the required trained workforce from our other work regions allowed us to complete this complex project ahead of schedule.