Why Synthetic Turf Is Superior To Natural Grass

January 28, 2019
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January 28, 2019 Martin Halo

When designing and constructing a new sports field or complex, it’s important to know which playing surface you prefer. It may seem like the obvious choice to choose natural grass, however artificial turf offers a wealth of benefits to both sports field designers and players alike. Much debate has sparked over whether artificial turf or natural grass is better than the other, however, it has been proven time and again that synthetic turf is superior to that of natural grass. While natural grass is the classic choice of sports field designers, it can also be costly, not as eco-friendly, and inefficient in its usability year round.


Synthetic turf installation can be far more costly at first than natural grass. Synthetic turf has a much higher initial cost per square foot than natural grass, and installation of natural grass tends to be much quicker. That said, high-quality synthetic turf tends to have a much higher return on investment than natural grass, this is due to the constant and consistent maintenance required to keep natural grass up to playing standard. If unwatched, natural grass will grow out of control, making the field not only an eyesore but also dangerous to the players. Maintenance for natural grass typically includes mowing, watering, fertilizing, aerification, adding pesticides to the soil, and much more. With synthetic turf, the only maintenance required is ensuring the field hasn’t been destroyed during play.


When it comes to athletic fields, synthetic turf installation ends up being a very eco-friendly solution. Annually, synthetic turf conserves four to eight billion gallons of water. In fact, for every square foot of synthetic turf replacing natural grass saves 2,200 gallons every single year. This is especially important for athletic fields and stadiums located in places where it rains constantly, such as Florida. Synthetic turf also removes the need to use pesticides or mowing equipment, which is where the majority of environment harming agents comes from when dealing with natural grass.

Year-Round Efficiency

A synthetic turf installation is an extremely efficient year-round when compared to natural grass. If you live in an area that is constantly affected by torrential downpours or heavy snowfall, synthetic turf may be the right choice for you. Natural grass requires large amounts of maintenance during and after a snowfall, as grass tends to die when under snow. Also, an oversaturation of rainfall can kill grass for a range of reasons. Most common among these include too much rain filling in the air gaps and causing grass to drown and nutrients being washed away from the soil.

If you’re looking to start a new athletic field project, you’re probably better off spending more at first and getting synthetic turf. It’s the best long term choice that you certainly won’t regret years down the road. If you’re looking for the best installers of synthetic turf, then you need Sports Turf One. Sports Turf One has the knowledge, people, and experience to expertly install synthetic turf into your sports complex. For a free quote on all of our services, including synthetic grass installation, contact us today at (561) 225-1113.